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Are you unable to confidently flaunt your smile due to crooked, chipped, discolored, or cracked teeth? Are you looking for a quick, effective and natural solution to fix these problems? If yes, then veneers from the office of Modern Day Smiles could be the perfect solution to rejuvenate your smile. We offer composite, porcelain and well as no-prep veneers.

Our high-quality veneers can help fix various issues including:

  • Gapped teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Unusually shaped teeth
  • Teeth that have sustained injuries such as cracks, chips and discoloration
  • Wear and tear

A veneer is a wafer-thin restoration that is attached to the front surface of a tooth to mask imperfections. Veneers are strong and highly resistant to wear and tear. They last for many years if they are cared for properly by maintaining good oral hygiene.

The placement of veneers may involve multiple visits to our office. We will need to remove a small portion of your tooth enamel to create space for the veneer. The impressions and shade of your tooth are used to prepare your custom veneer in a dental lab, and a temporary veneer is placed on your tooth until then. Once it is ready, your new veneer is permanently fixed onto your tooth using dental cement.

No-Prep veneers can be installed in a single visit. They are placed without anesthesia and without compromising the tooth structure. These restorations may not be suitable for all cases and can be recommended only after evaluating the condition of your teeth and the extent of repair needed.

The office of Modern Day Smiles invites you to schedule a consultation at our practice where we can discuss the suitability and benefits of porcelain veneers for your teeth. You can call us at (813) 296-2366. Our office is conveniently located at 7002 Sheldon Road, Tampa, FL 33615.

Our Happy Patients

"Excellent Dentist! Excellent customer service! My 89 year old grandmother appreciated the extra care the staff gave to her."

Akhil P.

"Been going to Dr. Lee and staff for over 13 years now and have not had one bad experience. They went above and beyond to get stains off of my teeth. Very clean and relaxing atmosphere."

Chris L.

"I’ve had nothing but pleasurable experiences with the staff at this office. They are always attentive and give great recommendations on treatments that one needs to get done. I wouldn’t want to go to another office and I would recommend this office to anyone."

Melina Q.
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