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Teeth Whitening Treatment in Tampa and St. Petersburg FL

Your smile says so much about you.

If you’ve considered enhancing your appearance, teeth whitening is one of the quickest and most effective ways to give your smile a boost. At Modern Day Smiles, we offer two convenient methods for whitening your teeth, including take-home and in-office whitening.

Our doctors will discuss your goals for your smile with you so they can determine which type of whitening is right for your needs.

In-Office Whitening

We understand how busy and hectic daily life can be for our patients, and that’s why we choose to offer the Zoom in-office whitening system. If you’re busy and need quick results, this is definitely the right whitening option for you. After only one short appointment at our office, you’ll leave with teeth that are at least six to ten shades lighter.

After ensuring that your teeth and gums are protected, Zoom uses a special light that activates the high-strength whitening gel we apply to your teeth. Zoom is safe, effective and quick. This option works well for patients who have a big event, meeting, or vacation coming up.

Take-Home Whitening

At Modern Day Smiles, we also offer a convenient take-home whitening system that allows you to whiten your teeth at your leisure and update your smile at home any time you like. We’ll take impressions of your teeth and use these to create customized plastic trays.

Our doctors work with you to determine the right strength whitening gel for your needs and show you how to properly use your trays and gel in order to achieve optimum results with no injury to your gum tissue, cheeks, or lips. Because we sell whitening gel at our office, it’s easy and convenient for you to update your smile whenever you like.

Professional Whitening Systems vs. Over-the-Counter

While it may seem more cost effective to purchase your whitening system at the store, professional whitening at your dental office is typically safer and more effective.

The whitening gel your dental provider has access to is much stronger than any kind you can purchase at the store. That means you’ll spend less time whitening in order to achive your goal. Whitening under the supervision of your dental provider also protects your teeth from damage and sensitivity.

If you’ve considered updating your smile with teeth whitening, our team can help you determine which whitening system and which strength of whitening gel is right for your needs. We’ll help you take your smile to the next level and create the impression you want to convey. Contact our office to learn more about Zoom in-office whitening or take-home trays.

Our Happy Patients

"Excellent Dentist! Excellent customer service! My 89 year old grandmother appreciated the extra care the staff gave to her."

Akhil P.

"Been going to Dr. Lee and staff for over 13 years now and have not had one bad experience. They went above and beyond to get stains off of my teeth. Very clean and relaxing atmosphere."

Chris L.

"I’ve had nothing but pleasurable experiences with the staff at this office. They are always attentive and give great recommendations on treatments that one needs to get done. I wouldn’t want to go to another office and I would recommend this office to anyone."

Melina Q.
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