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Invisalign Clear Aligners in Florida

When you live with crooked or misaligned teeth, you may not feel confident enough to smile freely in social situations. This can greatly impact your professional and personal relationships.

What would life be like if you weren’t embarrassed to smile? Wouldn’t it be great to smile without even thinking twice about it?

Have you thought about straightening your teeth, but you’re turned off by the idea of having to wear bulky metal braces? What if you could straighten your teeth without anyone ever noticing? Our team has great news for you! With clear aligners, we can straighten your teeth discreetly.

Crooked Teeth and Oral Health

Besides the effects on your confidence and self-esteem, misaligned teeth can also affect your oral health. Crooked teeth are hard to keep clean and may put you at a greater risk for oral issues such as tooth decay and periodontal disease.

A misaligned bite increases your risk for damage or fractures to your teeth. It may also contribute to a painful jaw joint disorder called TMJ that is known to cause headaches as well as neck and shoulder pain. Straightening your teeth is not only beneficial for your smile; it’s also good for your oral health.

Invisalign and ClearCorrect

At Modern Day Smiles, we work with two different systems that utilize clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth effectively and discreetly.

You’ll begin with a consultation, and our doctors will determine which system is right for your needs. They’ll create a plan for straightening your teeth, which will be used to fabricate your aligners. With 3-D technology, you’ll be able to see what your beautifully aligned smile will look like prior to starting your treatment.

Once you receive your aligners, you’ll need to wear them 22 hours per day and change them about every two weeks. You’ll check in with your doctor every few weeks just to make sure your treatment is progressing well. Most Invisalign and ClearCorrect cases can be completed in a matter of 12 to 18 months, and the result is a smile you’ll be excited to share with the world!

What are the Benefits of Clear Aligners?

Because your aligners are clear and fit properly against your teeth, they’re virtually invisible and won’t interfere with your daily activities. You’ll be able to talk and smile normally.

Because your aligners are removable, you’ll be able to enjoy your normal diet without any restrictions on the foods you love. You’ll also be able to remove your aligners for brushing and flossing your teeth, requiring little change to your home care routine. This is truly a great way to straighten teeth.

If you’ve considered straightening your teeth, don’t wait any longer! Contact our office today to learn more about Invisalign.

Our Happy Patients

"Excellent Dentist! Excellent customer service! My 89 year old grandmother appreciated the extra care the staff gave to her."

Akhil P.

"Been going to Dr. Lee and staff for over 13 years now and have not had one bad experience. They went above and beyond to get stains off of my teeth. Very clean and relaxing atmosphere."

Chris L.

"I’ve had nothing but pleasurable experiences with the staff at this office. They are always attentive and give great recommendations on treatments that one needs to get done. I wouldn’t want to go to another office and I would recommend this office to anyone."

Melina Q.
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